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Wall Repair Product FAQs

Can I paint over old wallpaper?

Yes. However, like installing wallpaper over old wallpaper, it is always best to remove the old wallpaper prior to painting.

How do I get wallpaper to hang straight? I can never get the pattern to match up.

Make sure the first strip hung is hung level using a plumb line. This should solve your problem.

I removed some wallcovering, and it tore the paper on the wallboard. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Remove the loose paper. If the damaged area is small, it can be repaired with Lightweight Spackling Paste. If it is a large area, float the area with a drywall skim coat.

I’m worried about using scrapers and scoring tools to remove old wallcoverings. Won’t they create marks on the wall that will “show” through the new wallpaper?

Yes. To minimize the damage, the key is to soak the old wallpaper with liquid wallpaper remover several times before scraping.

Is it okay to use a steamer to remove wallcovering?

Yes. Most of the time applying multiple applications of wallpaper remover solution will work just as well.

Is sizing necessary? What about priming?

Unpainted drywall, or drywall with old, flat “builder paint,” is too porous; sizing is needed to close up or even off the porosity to get consistent adhesion of the wallcovering paste. Shur-Stik® Hide & Hang, a combined primer & sizing, is better rather just a plain size for creating a uniform surface with excellent tack and repositionability.

Should I use a clay-based or a clear adhesive?

Wallcoverings that are difficult to hang and curl at the edges often require the extra tack of a clay-based adhesive. Clear adhesives have sufficient tack to hang all other types of wallcovering. Both types need to be cleaned off all surfaces with clean water while still wet.

The information on this site is provided as a free service. It is based on common conditions and may not apply to your specific situation. Please contact a Gardner-Gibson representative with specific questions or comments.