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Synthetic Roof Underlayment

A high quality roofing underlayment designed to shed water off your roof and away from your home, Gator-Skin provides a secondary layer of protection against wind, moisture, and other elements. Upgrade with Gator-Skin under asphalt shingles, residential metal and cedar shake roofing in place of #15 and #30 organic felt. Gator-Skin is manufactured using a three layer construction that won’t tear or wrinkle like traditional products. Its tough and durable composition can withstand the desert heat, pouring rains and high winds. It also utilizes Safe-Step Technology designed to provide enhanced traction and walkability. Gator-Skin is the ideal underlayment for professional roofing contractors that demand performance.

• Exceeds Performance Requirements of ASTM D4869 & ASTM D226
• High Traction, Safe-Step Technology
• Wrinkle Free Surface, Even When Wet
• Won’t Tear or Rip Like Organic Felts
• Cooler Working Surface
• Enhanced UV-120 Day Exposure
• Easy to use Cap-Nail Pattern

Technical Data

 Permeability ASTM E96

 0.05 Perms

 Water Transmission ASTM D4869


 Tear ASTM D4533

 MD 32 lb I CD 26 lb (12 kg)

 Tensile ASTM D751

 MD 65 lb I CD 60 lb (27 kg)

 Burst Strength ASTM D751

 130 psi (897 kPa)

 Elongation ASTM D751

 MD 40% I CD 40%

 Weight per Square ASTM D5261

 2.24 lb (1.01 kg)

 Nominal Thickness ASTM D1777

 7 mils (0.018 mm)

 Temperature Range

 -40 ˚F TO 240 ˚F (-40 ˚C TO 115 ˚C)

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