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SMART® Zero-VOC Caulk & Sealant FAQs

What are VOCs, and should I be concerned?

The term "VOC" stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These can be and are the dangerous chemicals that evaporate while most paints, caulks, spackling, and other liquids dry. The impact of VOCs ranges from creating irritating odors to activating serious breathing problems for people with allergies, asthma, and lung, throat or sinus conditions. SMART brand is the first collection of wall prep & repair products to eliminate VOCs, as well as glycols and other potentially unhealthy chemical ingredients.

How can SMART help reduce energy bills?

SMART elastomeric caulk & sealant is designed to help seal a home from drafts and outside air, where significant heating and cooling dollars are wasted. SMART elastomeric caulk & sealant is a good first step, but should be used with additional insulation anywhere air enters a building. Gaps around water spigots, electrical outlets, other pipes and vents entering a building can be big energy wasters that SMART can seal. Indoors, look at any area where there is a break in the wall, ceiling or floor surface, such as recessed lighting, fan vents, outlets, pipes, chimneys, wiring, etc. Stopping drafts by sealing areas such as these with SMART caulk can provide significant energy savings. For the latest and best information on air sealing and insulating your home, visit Energy Star's web site at

What makes SMART safer and better than other products?

The SMART brand of products are the result of highly focused research and our intense desire to provide products that go beyond the strictest regulations for health and safety. We removed the typical paint and caulk ingredients that have been used for years and replaced them with higher-performance technologies that don’t harm the environment or emit volatile toxins, but deliver uncompromised lasting product performance and ease of use.

Why is SMART a better choice for indoor spaces?

SMART products are ideal for indoor spaces, where air quality is most critical. Indoors, air flow is minimal, and chemical odors can compound, so our focus with SMART is on indoor air quality, fast dry, lasting performance where close daily contact is involved, and low odor—where innovative SMART performance makes it the finest collection of wall prep products for painting and wallpapering ever.

Can I use SMART caulk & sealant outdoors?

Yes. To get the outstanding performance of SMART caulk & sealant, we built SMART with high performance exterior-grade acrylics for maximum weathering, mildew resistance and water resistance. That’s a performance bonus for challenging indoor areas like bathrooms and kitchens where moisture and steam can challenge the best products.

Is SMART caulk & sealant okay for crown molding?

Yes. SMART elastomeric caulk & sealant is excellent for all trim and molding, including crown molding.

Do I need to remove old caulk before using SMART caulk?

Yes. Good caulking practice requires old caulk to be removed and the surface cleaned before re-caulking. Most paint retailers sell a tool you can use. You’ll also be much happier with the final appearance.

Has the SMART caulk and sealant been tested on animals?

No! The SMART caulk and sealant has been tested using the most advanced analytical chemistry sampling and testing procedures in existence. The results of these tests show that there are no toxins or harmful emissions of volatile organic compounds in the product. The absence of any harmful ingredients means that testing on animals is not necessary or required.

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