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Driveway Sealers, Brick & Paver Care

Driveway Sealers - Patio and Paver Sealants

Gardner-Gibson offers driveway sealers and asphalt sealers for both concrete / cement paved surfaces as well as asphalt / black paved areas.

For concrete / cement driveways, patios, pavers, and other porous surfaces, Gardner-Gibson offers Krystal Brilliance, an amazing clear sealer that waterproofs to prevent damage from water and salt. To repair existing damage, our Black Jack Concrete Crack Filler seals cracks to prevent continued moisture damage.

Asphalt driveways, blacktop driveways, pavement—whatever you may call it, Gardner-Gibson has the asphalt sealer for you! If you need a parking lot sealer, a blacktop sealer for your home, an asphalt sealer for a playground or basketball court, Gardner-Gibson has the best performing driveway sealer for your job, renewing old, worn asphalt surfaces and creating a more durable, attractive black surface.

With asphalt driveway patch and blacktop crack filler, driveway cleaner, pot hole patch, and other prep products from Gardner-Gibson, your asphalt or blacktop sealing project will look better and last longer. Select a category of products below to find a product for your project.
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At Gardner-Gibson, we will not only provide you with the driveway coatings and repair products you need, but we can also provide you with instructions on how to successfully complete your construction, repair or remodeling project. On, we provide a number of helpful tools to assist you in your projects, including: At Gardner-Gibson, we believe that our commitment to you does not end when you purchase one of our products, but only when you have successfully completed your project.

Gardner-Gibson products provide Protection from the Elements: waterproofing products for roofs, dampproofing for foundations, sealants for caulking walls inside and out, and much more. Gardner-Gibson was a founding member of the DOE Energy Star program for roofing materials, and commits significant resources to creating outstanding products and brands that last. Nearing a century in business, Gardner-Gibson has developed a strong reputation as one of the nation's leading coatings manufacturers.

Please contact us today to find the products you need for your next project or click here to find the nearest Gardner-Gibson dealer in your area.

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